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Don Cloutier BC-HIS, MS*, AAS
Hearing Instrument Specialist
* Masters of Science in Counseling

Oregon Hearing Society


International Hearing Society

National Board For Certification in Hearing Instrument Sciences

Welcome to the home of Hear and Now hearing Center in Eugene. Oregon. As the owner, Don Cloutier is dedicated to improving quality of life for the hearing impaired, in and around Lane County, by offering the highest standard of professional competency, business integrity and excellence in service.

Our Mission

Hear and Now Hearing Center of Eugene understands how much hearing loss affects one’s ability to understand in various social situations and how frustrating it can be. Their mission is to help improve the quality of life for the hearing impaired by helping them to retain or restore their ability to converse with those around them. Hear & Now Hearing Center really is Where your Conversation Begins. Whether it’s using the phone, carrying on an everyday conversation, or watching television, they can enhance your ability through their compassion and and experience.

The latest technology and hearing instruments  are used to meet these goals. Don, with over 30 years of experience in the hearing health care field, knows that along with the use of the latest technology and hearing instruments, personal service and routine follow-ups are very important. It has been his experience that one can be fitted with the best hearing amplification, but without the proper fitting and scheduled follow ups, they may not experience the most optimum benefit in hearing.


Don's wife, Marda. covers their office on Oakmont Way in Eugene, OR

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